VANet security challenges and solutions: A survey

VANet security challenges and solutions: A survey
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VANet security challenges and solutions: A survey


VANET is an emergent technology with promising future as well as great challenges, especially in its security. In this paper, we focus on VANET security frameworks presented in three parts. The first presents an extensive overview of VANET security characteristics and challenges as well as requirements. These requirements should be taken into consideration to enable the implementation of secure VANET infrastructure with efficient communication between parties. We give the details of the recent security architectures and the well-known security standards protocols. The second focuses on a novel classification of the different attacks known in the VANET literature and their related solutions. The third is a comparison between some of these solutions based on well-known security criteria in VANET. Then we draw attention to different open issues and technical challenges related to VANET security, which can help researchers for future use.

Keywords: VANET Security challenges, Attacks classification, V2V communication, Security solutions

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